Bikinifanatics the Ibi Smiles community for women bikini lovers and their fans

Bikinifanatics is a community created by Ibi Smiles for women who love bikinis, exhibitionism and nudism who want to feel free to express their sexuality.

Women all over the world can easily create an account and start selling their video/photo sets and interact with their fans.

Models can decide whether to keep their content private and visible only to subscribers, or whether to make it public and participate in the Competitions, Interviews and Model of the Week.

Fans, in addition to downloading the videos/photos, can interact with the models in the Boards and Chat as well as being able to send private messages.

Hi am Ibi Smiles and I am born July 14th 1985 in the Netherlands. I'm Dutch and I have a little Caribbean back ground. I grew up in Holland and moved to Spain in 2009 with my boyfriend by that time. We got married in 2016, Netherlands, but more because it felt better then being each others bf/gf. So we kept it very small.  Since I moved to the city, my personal POV on my body conditions changed. I wasn't eating healthy enough and really needed to get in a better shape. It started with 7am bootcamps on the beach, followed by the gym a year after. After 2 years I quit both and started CrossFit. After a year I was able to do RX and combined with PT I got really fit and so it happened that I did the Spartan Beast Catalunya in 2015. Since 2018 I swapped CrossFit for the gym and morning beach runs. My build and history are not made for CrossFit and with adjusting my workouts and too many physios I decided this is much healthier for me. The downside is my stamina dropped immensely but it's still good enough. I love strength and so I keep up my curvy toning up with strength in the gym. My journey is I went from chubby to thin, to muscled to strong curvy, which is how I should be, based on my background.  I've been living in Barcelona from 2009 - 2019, 2019 in Alicante and back in Barcelona since 2020. My job in Holland was very creative, I was a florist, interior stylist and took care of special occasions such as funerals and weddings. I had a big allergic reaction on my hands with the flowers, but I loved it so much and became the right hand of the owner until I left to move to Spain.  In Spain I started my own tour company, offering private tours on the bicycle or by walking. I had a group of very good guides who knew incredibly much about the city, which I needed, because my tours were high end and private only. When I started BikiniFanatics, I sold my company because my real passion is micro bikinis!! I also love to tease, being naughty and I love porn! I've been on Streamate for approx 9 months in the year 2017 and I loved it! I had a really nice fanbase and I made very good money. Unfortunately I am now way too busy with promoting myself, BikiniFanatics and my ShopBikiniFanatics. I have 3 full time jobs and I'm thankful for my husband and my wonderful team, without them I wasn't able to make all of it possible! I've been modelling for a few years in different bikini brands and met a lot of other sexy and open minded bikini babes who have the same passion as I have. In September 2017 my own bikini community went live where we bikini fanatics can share all our sexy content without any limitations and where members can enjoy all of us in one place. BikiniFanatics was born! Last but not least, Ink! I got my first tattoo in 2014 on my wrist which says; Carpe Diem with 2 flowers next to it. Within a year I extended the ink with more flowers and a branch and the letter E from my husband. Both times were done in Holland. In 2016 I found a good artist in Barcelona and got my baby dragon on the same arm. From that point on I came back at least twice a year. I got the night, stars and the wind, my pocket watch with my DOB and TOB. The lower arm was finished, but after a year i decided i wanted my life journey on my upper arm and so I got my caterpillar that turned into a butterfly, combined with Magnolia flowers and branches. My upper arm is the day, my lower arm is the night. On my left arm I have my wedding tattoo, Queen of hearts symbol, Smile :), bikini, skull, kiss and the hot girl on the aubergine, very naughty! I can't say I'm done, but there is nothing planned yet. All my ink is unique and made for me. If I come up with something I want, it will be added for sure!

Ibi Smiles




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