Did you know that content creators can receive BAT token donations on their channels, social profiles and on their websites with the Brave Browser ?

With the Brave browser you can receive donations in BAT tokens on your channels and social networks such as Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Youtube, Vimeo, GitHub and on your own website. You can also earn BAT tokens by simply browsing and blocking web advertisements.

What is Brave browser ?

We could define Brave as the evolution of internet browsers. This open source browser blocks malicious ads and data capture crawlers. These blockages of unnecessary information for the user makes the website load up to 6 times faster than other better known browsers. To reward its users, Brave anonymously monitors the user’s attention (but does not collect any information about them).

What is Basic Attention Token [BAT] ?

is a cryptocurrency that is attracting more and more interest. BAT is an ERC 20 token whose mission is to improve the efficiency of digital advertising.

How do I earn BAT with BRAVE as a Content Creator ?

  • The first step to earn BATs as a content creator, is to dowload and install BRAVE browser
  • After go to the Basic Attention token publisher page and create your account.

  • In your admin panel, you will be able to configure your account to start earning BAT.

  • 1 – Create your Uphold account : Uphold is the wallet for store and trade your BAT tokens. Creating an Uphold account is very simple, you only need to enter an email, a password and your place of residence.
  • 2 – Add your channel and verify it : you can choose between your website, a Youtube channel, a Twich channel, Vimeo channel, or a Twitter, Reddit, GithHub accounts .

That’s all, start getting BAT tokens on your channels !