Protect your content with DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. is a company that helps protect your digital copyright information.  I feel it is a good way to protect your content.  They offer copyright protection on just about every kind of digital product from articles, to photos, and videos.

The basic package is FREE, that is right absolutely 100% free. But it is limited what you can do for free.  The free service does allow you to get an understanding of how the process and the program work.

If you work hard on your content and someone steals that content, guess what could happen to your income.  That is right it goes down.  Well they can help you with that.  They will alert you when your content is seen somewhere else, i.e. stolen.  This notification allows you to take action.

They even have a do it yourself option that allows you to walk through the take down process all by yourself.  What does this mean to you ?  It means saving money and at the same time protecting your hard work.  Thereby, allowing you to reach your true earning potential.

While the premium services are $10.00 a month, if you want them to do all the work for you, you will need to pay a premium price.  If you are flagged about content that was stolen from you and you chose to have DMCA process the take-down themselves, it will cost you $199.  That being said, if they are unable to get the take-down accomplished they have a 100% guarantee.

They have email and phone support.  I have sent them one email to the email support team and it was answered very quickly, within a few hours.  They are based in Canada and have phone numbers for the US as well as one in London.

You work hard withyour content.  Make sure you protect it from others that try to steal it from you. gives you the tools to make sure you can protect your content.

You can easily register on their site and try their service HERE

My opinion is to buy the $ 10 package to be sure that your content is monitored against theft, but you can do it with limitations and manually with the free basic service.

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