Rebrand all your links with your own URL shortener

Your own shortener URL will allow you to rename and shorten all links you want to share with your own domain name.

You can rename and shorten a link like this https://thewondertoys.com/track:55-exessee and get a link like this https://exesse.gq/ovJsa to share on your social networks or anywhere online.

It is full of features and tools that will be useful to keep track of the visits that all your links will have, you can also create public profiles with your links and you can add members and create a work team.

Functions and Tools


create your public profile with the links of your social networks or with any other link you wish, decide whether to show in the public profile also all the links you have shortened and whether to show only those of your social networks, this profile is fully customizable in colors, avatars, links.

DEMO : https://exesse.gq


track all visits to your links in real time.


A custom splash page is a transitional page where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. You can have unlimited splash pages and you can choose one for each URL.

DEMO : https://exesse.gq/UhpHZ


An overlay page allows you to display a small non-intrusive overlay on the destination website to advertise your product or your services. You can also use this feature to send a message to your users. You can customize the message and the appearance of the overlay.

DEMO MESSAGE : https://exesse.gq/Auqrn

DEMO CONTACT FORM : https://exesse.gq/GoMBC

More tools .....

Tracking Pixels

Ad platforms such as Facebook and Adwords provide a conversion tracking tool to allow you to gather data on your customers and how they behave on your website. By adding your pixel ID from either of the platforms, you will be able to optimize marketing simply by using short URLs.

Invite Member and create teams

Create: A create event will allow your team member to shorten links, create splash pages & overlay and bundles. Edit: An edit event will allow your team member to edit links, splash pages & overlay and bundles. Delete: A delete event will allow your team member to delete links, splash pages & overlay and bundles.

Quick Shortener

This tool allows you to quickly shorten any URL in any page without using any fancy method. This is perhaps the quickest and the easiest method available for you to shorten URLs across all platforms. This method will generate a unique short URL for you that you will be able to access anytime from your dashboard.


You can use bookmarklet tool to instantaneously shorten any site you are currently viewing and if you are logged in , it will be automatically saved to your account for future access. Simply drag the link to your bookmarks bar or copy the link and manually add it to your favorites.

Full-Page Script

This script allows you to shorten all (or select) URLs on your website very easily. All you need to do is to copy and paste the code at the end of your page.

Zapier Integration

You can use Zapier to automate campaigns.

request your own shortener URL


Webmaster services

 Web Design – Custom websites – Custom online stores – Custom membership websites – Design and management of new websites – Restyling and optimizations of existing websites –  SEO optimizations – Installation of services such as live webcams, photo / video stores, donations, Patreon and others – Domain and Hosting

Web Graphic sevices

Logos – Banners – Gifs – Custom graphics for your profile on Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Niteflirt … and other platforms

Videos and Photos services

Video Editing – Photo Editing 

Advertising systems and affiliate programs

House of Apollo
House of Apollo
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Exesse has done a great job. Their support has been invaluable, and I am so pleased and happy with the results. It couldn't have been easier, and has definitely been worth the money. Thank you Exesse !
Tasha Black
Tasha Black
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Absolutely AMAZING Web Developer. Exesse is the most intelligent, efficient, and talented web developer I have ever encountered. Before he came to me I had gone through two other so called "full stack developers" that couldn't complete half the tasks he could. Exesse's knowledge of coding and web design is simply unsurpassed. Not only did he complete a website that had previously taken me months to get off the ground in mere DAYS, he was also so patient and attentive to me throughout the entire process. Excellent communication and most importantly, truly a pleasure to work with.
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Exesse did a beautiful job of my website, went above and beyond in sorting through my content and pictures and finding both the most aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions. His insights into the needs of NSFW sites is invaluable and I am very very pleased with all his work. As well, he is easy to communicate with, responds promptly (often way more promptly than I!) and is always a pleasure to work with.
Fuchsia Peach
Fuchsia Peach@Fuchsia_Peach
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Exesse did a fantastic job designing my website, I'm so happy with the results! They made it a really easy, smooth process, and were wonderful to work with. I was impressed with the responsiveness and communicative service, and would definitely recommend Exesse to anyone.